What’s Chester you ask? Good question. Chester is a new and unique 2D platformer from indie developer Brilliant Blue-G. With completely hand drawn graphics that have been scanned into the game the visuals have a very personal and original feel. The uniqueness doesn’t stop there by any means,. Although hand drawn is how the art starts off  players will be able to unlock 18 different “styles” that can be applied to any level in real time. Styles range from blueprints to a LCD handheld system to 8-bit retro pixels.

More then 10 different characters will be playable, each one having there own controls and special attacks. Some characters will be completely different from others such as the Gradious style Chester space ship or the Metal Slug inspired tank Chester. Each character can be leveled up increasing special attacks available. Just like the “styles” for each level the characters van be changed mid-level with no need for loading.

As with many other indie developers nowadays Brilliant Blue-G is asking its community to help make their dream a reality through Kickstarter. As always any donation amount is acceptable and will result in some cool swag of one sort or another. Swag ranges from something as simple as a free copy of the game for PC to the donator’s likeness rendered as one of the playable characters. You can find the kickstarter pager here.