Xbox SmartGlass will launch this coming fall, Microsoft revealed at its pre-E3 media briefing today. Following up on first details of the application being unveiled to content partners late last week, the publisher publicly debuted the media-sharing application for the first time this morning. The app allows users to seamlessly “push” content between their Xbox 360, tablet and mobile phone. It is designed to function with Windows PCs and phones as well as iOS and Android devices, showing an admirable willingness on Microsoft’s part to work cross-platform with direct competitors.

Demoing the device on-stage at L.A., Microsoft swapped Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows from a tablet over to an Xbox console to demonstrate how users can pick up on one device right where they left off on another one. Prometheus, Game of Thrones, Halo Waypoint and Madden NFL 2013 were also used to show off the app’s functionality. SmartGlass will allow Madden players to draw up custom plays on their tablet devices before running them in-game on their Xbox 360s. Players of Microsoft’s flagship 2012 title, Halo 4, will be able to open up new features and data in Halo Waypoint on their tablet while playing the game.

Perhaps the tech’s most impressive feature is that the transitions happen instantaneously — or at least they did in the demonstration. SmartGlass looks to be Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s incoming Wii U console and tablet controller, which will surely grab center stage at Nintendo’s own pre-E3 press conference tomorrow morning at 9 am PST.