Earlier this month Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the reason Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller supplies would be limited until after Christmas was that the demand had “exceeded [Microsoft’s] planning.” It turns out the margin by which the ravenous demand for the $150 controllers exceeded planning is vast.

The controller is currently sold out at most retailers, and Microsoft now says that will remain the case until at least March of 2016. For those of you keeping count, that’s three months from now or about four since Microsoft first admitted it was going to have trouble restocking retailers until after the new year.

“While the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is sold out in many retailers around the world, we are working quickly to get more units in the hands of fans,” a Microsoft representative told Tech Insider this week. “We expect more units to arrive at retailers each week, but supply may be limited through March 2016.”

The controller was unveiled at this past June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Fans and press, including XBLA Fans, who went hands-on with the controller walked away extremely impressed. Many consumers, however, voiced outrage over the modular pad’s $150 MSRP. It seems consumers interested in buying one were in this way unintentionally their own worst enemy.

Microsoft made the decision to cut back on the number of Elite Wireless Controllers it manufactured based on this feedback. Speaking with the Windows Weekly podcast last week, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela admitted that with the benefit of hindsight, “If I could have built 10 times the number I built, I would have.”

Sources: Tech Insider, Windows Weekly via Destructoid