First they get moved from the games and demos page, then they get moved back.  And now, they are planning to fight back to prove that there is a lot of worth within their store. You need to click read more to hear their story.

I will be honest when and say that originally, this was going to be a story about the anger, and disappointment most of the indie game developers had when they got pushed out of the games market.   Though everything changed within a week, while I was scrambling to get different developers’ views of the situation.

When I told my editor I was going to do this article, he said try to get as many different perspectives as I could.   So I went to Nathan Fouts (Mommy’s Best Games) and Luke Schneider (Radiangames) first.  They then sent me to Robert Boyd (Breath of Death VII) and Matt Davis (Baker Crest Studio).  And from there I was sent to Ian Stocker (Soul Caster), and from there Mathew Doucette (Xona Games).   Every single developer, lead me to another, that lead me to another that had all these different ideas about XBLIG.

It was MORE than just needing to move XBLIG back to the Games Marketplace.  It was much bigger than that.

Since I started writing here at, I have been trying to show some love to the indie scene.   In fact, I helped get the XBLIG reviews section started, and I happen to have been the only one to review any games there.   Sadly, I have only had time to review two different developers games even though I have a bunch of indie titles on my machine waiting.  (Hyper ship out of control!  Breath of Death VII, Soul Caster, Just to name a few)  The main thing that I wanted to point out about the indie games on XBLA is that there is a lot more than massage apps, and crappy games that aren’t worth your while.

The one thing that all developers said to me, that I can convey here is go to the XBLIG store, and see whats in there.    Support those Indie games.   If you are nervous about trying a few, look at some of the ones I’ve reviewed already.   There are great quality games in there for all the discerning tastes of us gamers.  From classic 2d platformers, to SCHMUPs, to Retro RPGs!

To fight back, and to prove to the millions of gamers using Xbox Live, the many Indie Game developers are planning an uprising within the XBLIG market.  They are looking to prove to all of us, that there are (and there are) good quality games in their market.

“If you thought that the Xbox LIVE Indie Games service was just filled with massage apps, clones, and garbage, think again! We are fighting back against mediocrity and lameness in the best way we know how — by releasing amazing games!”

And releasing Amazing games they will… with Ska Studios (Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1) and Radiangames (Crossfire, Fireball, Inferno) leading the charge!  The fire week of December is the scheduled release of all the following goodness! Prices will range from 80 microsoft points to 400.

Here’s the List:

Soul Caster 2
Cthulu Saves the World
Radiangames Crossfire 2
Chu’s Dynasty
Alpha Squad
Epic Dungeon
Break Limit
Decimation X3
Asteroids Don’t Concern Me
Hyper Ship Out of Control (update)
Aphelion: Episode 2: Wings of Omega
ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls
Rickenbacker vs. the Aliens

For a complete run down of the titles, visit the Indie Games Uprising website.

If you are hungry to try other Indie Game gems… here is my short to list

Shoot 1Up 80 MS Points
Radiangames Crossfire 80 MS Points
Tempure of the Dead 240 MS Points
Breath of Death VII 80MS Points
Explosionade 80MS Points
BlindGiRl 80MS Pointed
Aphelion 240 MS Points
Dysnomia 240 MS Points
Hypership out of Control 80 MS points
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0M1ES!!!1 80 MS Points

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