Today’s Most Wanted is our first downloadable content article. As such it has a slightly different format.

The world has been bitten by the Trials Evolution bug. Over 100,000 players saddled up in the first day, and close to 350,000 after just one week. It shattered sales records on Xbox Live Arcade. DLC has been promised. Though we’re more than satisfied with the game’s default content and the endless supply available via Track Central we’re still itching for more. But what are they going to put in? We’ve got some ideas, and even a name: the Nitro Pack, inspired from RedLynx’s own Monster Trucks Nitro.

What should be included:

Monster Trucks Nitro content – It’s the namesake of our idea, so it goes without saying that we want some stuff dumped in from Monster Trucks Nitro. We’d love to see truck monster truck wheels, the school bus body, and maybe 1-2 other truck chassis. It’d be great to have the chance to use bits and pieces to have ourselves a custom monster truck/car/bus.

Prefabrications – The example items found in the Pro Editor are a godsend. They show players how some of the more intricate pieces fit together to make something exciting. We’d like to see more of that, but also more raw parts. Don’t misunderstand: the palette players are given is huge. But we want some extras. How about a fighter jet prefab taken from the FPS Target Range minigame? Why not add in the red Chevy Impala body from Trials HD? Oh, and a playable ATV would be cool, too. Like the skiing skill game the bike could simply be hidden, replaced with the ATV. We’re looking at the most powerful in-game editor ever released on a console, and for that we’re grateful. It’s just that our imaginations continue to soar, and we want more. RedLynx, please don’t forget some new parts with the updates.

Tracks and skill games – Obvious? Sure, but needed. We’ve got some ideas for skill games, but what we really want are supercross tracks, and lots of em’. Imaginative ones. The community has been churning out some strong courses, but many of the popular courses are your garden variety motorcross redux. We’d love to see some tracks with imagination. Oh, and throw a few trials tracks in there too for good measure.

Why it would succeed:

Come on, now. We know this is a money maker. For starters Trials Evo has already shattered sales records, which means folks will want more. Monster Trucks Nitro was published by Miniclip, so there might be issue using the exact assets, but new, similar assets would be amazing. This could easily bring 560 MSP with the right amount of content, but we’d settle for 400 MSP if some of our wishlist had to be pulled. We’re hoping beyond hope for some new editor items along with the skill games, trials tracks and supercross. That’s going to be the selling point this time around.

P.S. – Please bring back the Delivery skill game from Trials HD