We recently had the opportunity to play an early build of quirky action-puzzler A Virus Named Tom and were able to follow it up with an interview with Tim Keenan, creator of the game and founder of its development studio Misfits Attic. After a brief intro to the game and the company, we break into a discussion of the art, humor, influences, and focus on co-op/multiplayer that makes this game different from a lot of what’s out there on XBLA. Along the way we hit on a lot of development talk including what makes a good achievement and why working with non-gamers can be a good thing. It was a lot of fun to record and thanks go out to Tim for taking the time to talk.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about A Virus Named Tom as it draws closer to release. Check them out on Twitter at @Misfitsattic or at the links above. They do a lot of community interaction – including incorporating ideas generated by the community in the game – so head on over and let them know what you think! Stay tuned here as well for more information as we hear it.

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Tim Keenan

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