At XBLAFans, we normally don’t venture very close to retail considering the digital form of Xbox Live Arcade games. However, Best Buy is having a sale next week that’s almost too good to pass up. Sources at SlickDeals and Cheap Ass Gamer have both confirmed that Best Buy’s weekly print ad highlights a triple-pack of Splosion Man, Limbo, and Trials HD for a meager $10. The regular price for these games is 3200 MSP (or $40), so this low a price is clearly a steal. The deal will go live on July 17, 2011 (through July 23) and the product listing page should be refreshed to highlight the pricing change at that time. With our continuing coverage of excellent user-created Trials HD tracks, recent excitement for Ms. Splosion Man, and high praise for Limbo, this selection of XBLA titles is easy for us to recommend.