The fantastic Ms. Splosion Man was just released today, but Twisted Pixel just launched a new trailer (above) and announced their plans for a Title Management Storage, or TMS, feature in the game, all for free. Each week, the game will have a new challenge which changes the rules of an existing level, and these challenges will have their own leaderboards. What even better is that free stuff may be given to high score holders or random people on the board.

Marketing Director Jay Stuckwisch said  “We are finding it harder and harder to ‘one up’ ourselves with new ways of giving away free stuff to people who buy our games, but TMS has opened an exciting new door for us.” This sounds increasingly exciting for the fans, too. Information on the game and challenges can be found on the updated official site when it launches later today. You can also read our review of the game to see if it is worth a day one purchase. Happy sploding!