Our friends at Gamasutra have completed their monthly Xbox Live Arcade sales analysis. It comes as no surprise that Minecraft blazed ahead of every other game released in May. Just a few weeks ago it surpassed 2 million downloads; seems like people love it. Hey, we loved it too. Fable Heroes stole second place with nearly 50k downloads. A bit of Mario Party-meets-Castle Crashers, it was yet another game we gave high marks to. We’re a little disappointed with the low numbers of Awesomenauts. It’s a…well, awesome game that we have an equally awesome guide for. Also of note is the fact that Joy Ride Turbo did well. While Gamasutra couldn’t extrapolate sales from leaderboard numbers on the game, it did reach #7 in the Top Arcade Titles for the week of June 4. It’s a great game, so if you haven’t hit it up, give the demo a shot.

Source: Gamasutra, Major Nelson