Welcome to our “So you want to play Minecraft, eh?” guide for Minecraft, the Xbox 360 Edition! Now we’re well aware some of you have played Minecraft before on PC and played it plenty, this guide isn’t for you. Everything we’ve compiled here is for the newbies, those without PCs (or access to one) who are just now finally getting their hands on this blocky sandbox of a good time. If you’re still not sure if you want Minecraft despite its release on the Xbox 360, do check out our review!

Minecraft has already sold one million copies in five days and turned a profit. We don’t expect the phenomenon to stop anytime soon, and most of our staff was playing it last weekend. We know that a lot of our readers are not familiar with Minecraft on the PC so we have written up a quick guide to help you get the most out of this game. In the end though, Minecraft is a game with no objective beyond having fun. The true confines of this game are your own imagination.

  • Early on in the game, you need to find wood to build and crafting table and to build your first house. Check out our full set of early game tips here.
  • Around the middle of the game, you’ll mostly be collecting resources and mining. We have some useful tips for that here.
  • Toward the end, you’ll mostly be building and exploring the nether. Make sure to check out our tips here.
  • There are a few hidden recipes in the game through the furnace. Make sure you are aware of all of them here.

Most of all enjoy the game!