Coming the week of September 13th, Xbox Live will play host to another round of XBLA discounted titles.  Here’s what we have to look forward to:

BUST-A-MOVE Live! (400 MS Points)-

Classic gameplay: Fire bubbles at the bubble clusters on each stage to destroy them. It’s easy to play, challenging, and fun.
Multiple game modes: Clear 135 stages in Single Player mode, play against 8 colorful opponents in CPU Battle mode, or take on the Infinity mode featuring a never-ending cluster of bubbles to destroy.
Online gameplay: Multiplayer mode offers frenetic competitive play that can be enjoyed at home or over Xbox LIVE, with or without Voice Chat.
Even more stages: Extra Packs 1 and 2 will offer an additional 270 stages for download.

Gyromancer (800 MS Points)-

Battle system: Gyromancer has a new battle system based on Bejeweled Twist. Command unique beasts to battle your foes.
Hidden treasures: Search the map for items, coins, and new beasts to fight at your side. Gain levels in battle and acquire powerful new beasts!
Deadly mage: Assume the role of Rivel, a deadly mage, as he rids Aldemona Wood of a brooding darkness!

Tower Bloxx Deluxe (400 MS Points)-

Numerous game modes including multiplayer: Play six unique and innovative game modes with three multiplayer modes, including battle and co-op play.
A builder’s dream: Build out your metropolis in Grand Build City Mode and choose from powerups, tower upgrades, and more to create your masterpiece.
Avatar support: See yourself and your friends, and beat your friends on the Social Ladder that visualizes the battle for Leaderboard dominance.

Puzzle Chronicles (400 MS Points)-

Puzzle combat RPG: An active puzzle combat mechanic blends the fun and skill of puzzle games with the strategy and adventure of RPGs for a truly epic gaming experience.
Dungeon exploring: Seek out hidden treasures and equipment that only true heroes should have by battling your way through dungeons throughout the Empire.
Versus Mode battles: Challenge your friends locally or online to a puzzle battle to see who will reign supreme as the ultimate champion of the Empire.
Five mini-games: Test your puzzle skills in five mini-games to unlock items and provide even more enhanced abilities.
Persistent hero: No matter what mode you play in, Single Player, Versus, Quick Battle, or Mini-Games, your hero continues to acquire skills and experience, unleashing new ways to enjoy the game.
Loot and battle skills: Customize your hero’s puzzle combat style by using mighty weapons, enchanted armor, special battle skills, and more.

So, with a good line of cheap XBLA games hitting the Marketplace in two weeks… which will you be buying?