World of Tanks - Himmelsdorf

This week brings great news for fans of the excellent World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, which we awarded a definitive Buy It! award in our recent review. Developer promised a number of updates would be forthcoming, and it has certainly not disappointed, with the first arriving just days after launch and adding a brand new map. The second update (known as 1.1) is out now and not only adds another map, but a whole bunch of other stuff including new British tanks and the addition of functional tank crews.

The full update includes the following:

  • The Himmelsdorf Map (described as a varied map with close, tight streets winding between imposing buildings and featuring a large railroad and hill area for sniping and scouting)
  • Customisable tank crews which enable perks and skills that suit your battle style
  • The following British tanks:
    • Cromwell (Tier VI)
    • Comet (Tier VII)
    • Centurion I (Tier VIII)
    • Centurion 7/1 (Tier IX)
    • FV4204 (Tier X)

Source: Wargaming