What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each Sunday. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

Andrew CrewsThis week I played and completed three XBLA games. The games were TNT Racers, MLB Bobbelhead Pros and Galaga Legions DX. One game was really good, one was average and one was pretty bad. I’ll let you guess how each one stands up.

Kaitlyn Chantry – I’m almost done with Red Dead Redemption (at last!) and I just started the”Grubbins on Ice DLC for Costume Quest. Every once in a while, I turn my attention back to ilomilo or Child of Eden… when I need a break from murdering bandits and monsters.

Ross Adams – Despite having already completed the PSP version fairly recently I just couldn’t resist Half-Minute Hero on XBLA. I’ve been neglecting many other games by playing this instead, such a wonderfully charming little game and lots of fun. Can’t get enough of the music either!

Perry Jackson – After finishing Comic Jumper, I went on a finishing spree and finished Bit.Trip.Runner and did the entire Portal 2 co-op with a friend and it’s as mind-blowing as everyone told me. I also picked up Stacking on sale this week for 600 MSP and it’s a superbly interesting title, still hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes. Now off to finish Shadows of the Damned and in desperately wait for Wednesday’s Ms. Splosion Man.

Nathan Bowring – Finally began playing L.A. Noire, and I’m loving the gameplay and the little details they put in the city. Also playing Ms. Splosion Man for review. It’s so good I almost died of over-enjoyment.

Damon Fillman – I just finished Shadows of the Damned and my smile needs a vacation, so I’m participating in the grim world of Condemned because it is still a great game.  Crysis 2 still consumes a majority of my time, though.

Jonathan Cole – The earlier part of my week was dedicated to getting all 200 gamerscore from Trenched, which was a massive success. Otherwise, I’ve been rediscovering Team Fortress 2 and trying out the Uncharted 3 Beta.

James HeigerDead Block almost defies description. It certainly is an interesting experience. Aside from that I have been busy powering myself up in Rising Mode of Hard Corps: Uprising. I can’t recomend that game enough.

Stephen Haberman – Well I am lucky enough to have a copy of (REDACTED) already and so I am playing through that. (REDACTED) IS (REDACTED)!

Zachary Lace – Just finished off Oblivion again and started Divinity 2, pretty interesting game and as always BFBC2 online.

Todd Schlickbernd – Played through most of Dead Block but other than that haven’t been sure of what to play. Some this some that. I’m thinking of picking up Child of Eden while it’s on sale, or maybe picking up some cheap used games I passed up.

John Drawdy – For the most part all I have been playing this week is Trenched trying to get that last 5 point achievement. Only other thing I spent time on was  Deadliest Warrior: Legends, which I wrote up a review for.