What we are playing is a weekly column published on Sunday. Select members of the team talk about the games they’ve been playing over the past week and which they’re most looking forward to.

Perry Jackson – After my not-so-great Bloodforge review, I jumped into The Walking Dead Episode 1 on Friday which was great. Never has a game stressed me out on the choices I made. But this weekend will mostly be the Hybrid beta which is an interesting shooter from 5th Cell.

Matt Liparota – A bit of Fez early on, but my system has mostly been used for Netflix and Hulu for the last few days. It”s been a “Veg out in front of the TV and space out” kinda week. I’m still in a lull between big console releases, too – so I’m looking forward to diving into my backlog in the next few days.

Christine Mitchell – I started the week with Fez but then my review code come through for Fable Heroes so I’ve been mostly playing that now. Find out what I thought early next week. I also demoed The Walking Dead Episode 1 and I think that’ll be my next purchase but I’m not sure whether to buy now or wait for the full thing to come out?

James Heiger – Lots of Trials … what else??

Mark Seymour – Nada. I’ve been making my own videogame, it’s AAAA.

A bit hushed in the XBLA Fans corner this week, so how about you? Thoughts on Bloodforge? Still infatuated with Trials Evolution? Finished with Fez? How about The Walking Dead? I hear it’s good. And what about the belated Toy Soldiers: Cold War DLC, was it worth the wait? Tell me it was, please.