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  • 2Dark – A survival horror game from Frédérick Raynal, the creator of Alone in the Dark. Players take on the role of former detective Mr. Smith, as he travels to the town of Gloomywood to solve a mystery involving disappearing children. Players will need to use their cunning to infiltrate Gloomywood’s bastions of cruelty and uncover the secrets of the deranged psychopaths within, seeking retribution for their crimes, and bring the children to safety. Was $29.99, is now $6.00
  • Assault Android Cactus — A twin-stick shooter, with the twist that your battery is constantly being drained. The emphasis is on quick actions and reactions, “blending the gameplay of western styled arena shooters with aspects of Japanese style bullet hell.” We rated it, “Highly Recommended” – was $14.99, is now $9.74
  • Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure – This game mixes together the point and click and visual novel genres to craft a story that follows Bjorn Thonen as he investigates who robbed him. He enlists his neighbor, Sandra, for help in cracking the case as this mystery soon develops into something larger than life. Was $9.99, is now $5.00
  • Iron Wings — A WWII action-adventure air combat game where players takes on the role of two pilots, Jack and Amelia, as they attempt to take down Nazi aircraft across a rich campaign of missions, each with numerous objectives and enemies as well as side objectives. Was $17.49, is now $12.24
  • Mantis Burn Racing — A top-down bumper-to-bumper racing game where you play through a seven season career to try and be crowned the Mantis Burning Racing Champion. Was $14.99, is now $7.50
  • Marble Void — A retro style 3D platformer attempting to capture what made games like Marble Madness and Marble Blast Ultra so fun. There are over 40 levels with various difficulties as well as additional mini-games such as orb drop and endless mode. The game also features a level editor. Was $4.99, is now $2.50
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst — A remake of the 2008 original, this is an action-adventure platform game that follows free runner, Faith, on her quest to free Glass from the corporations ruling their city. Was $19.99, is now $5.00
  • Morphite — Set in a distant future where the outer reaches of space have been colonized by humankind. Players will control Myrah and explore previously-uncharted, procedurally-generated planets across space. Was $14.99, is now $6.00
  • Outlast 2 — In this follow up game, you don’t play as Miles Upshur or play in the Mount Massive Asylum. Instead, players follow investigative journalists Lynn and Blake Langermann as the husband and wife duo dig into Sullivan Knoth and his band of followers that created a new town called Temple Gate. Beginning with a gruesome murder, players piece the clues together with the duo and explore the case to its extremes and discover how horrific things can become. We rated it, “Reader’s Choice” – was $29.99, is now $9.90
  • Penarium — A 2D arcade game set in a circus arena where people are forced, similar to Gladiators, to fight for their lives as a sadistic crowd watches. You play as Willy, who must run, jump and avoid an array of killer death-traps. If he succeeds, he becomes the Champion of Penarium. We rated it, “Buy It” – was $9.99, is now $2.50
  • Seasons after Fall — A 2D puzzle-platformer where players take control of a wild fox as the fox begins a journey to meet the four Guardians of the world. However, this is no ordinary fox. This fox has the ability to change the season at will which causes drastic changes to the environment and makes for fascinating puzzle opportunities in the world. The game showcases hand-painted graphics and original music performed by a string quartet, all of which change based on the season. We rated it, “Reader’s Choice” – was $19.99, is now $5.00
  • Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom — Players join Chado and his friends as they travel between celestial islands hoping to save the universe from the verge of collapse. Through Chado’s newfound ability, it is possible to communicate with the Shiness, a mysterious spirit, that aims to help restore peace to the land. Combat takes place in hyper-dynamic fights that mix the use of magic with traditional fighting game mechanics. Was $29.99, is now $7.50
  • The Technomancer — An action-RPG game where you play as a mage-warrior who can harness destructive electrical powers that are amplified by cybernetic implants. Feared and respected by all, you are on the verge of completing your initiation rite to become a Technomancer. Was $39.99, is now $10.00
  • Thumper — A classic rhythm-action game with blistering speed and brutal physicality. Players are a space beetle, screaming down the endless tracks and crashing through punishing obstacles with simple, airtight controls. Hurtle forward, master new moves, reach overwhelming velocities, and survive epic boss battles. Every crushing impact is interwoven with a pounding original soundtrack. Was $19.99, is now $8.00

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