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  • Cast of the Seven Godsends – Redux — A classic 2d run n’ gun arcade style game where you are fighting to get back the infant heir to the throne who has been kidnapped. Features four levels of difficulty, six worlds, twelve bosses, seven armor sets, five weapons and thirty-five magic combat spells. Was $6.99, is now $2.10
  • Cuphead — A classic run and gun action game that heavily focuses on boss battles with a unique art style inspired by cartoons of the 1930s. Play as Cuphead or Mugman in single player or local co-op. We rated it, “Highly Recommended” – was $19.99, is now $15.99
  • Fall of Light: Darkest Edition – Welcome to a world swallowed by darkness. Lead the charge as a soldier named Nyx, alongside his daughter Aether on a quest to see the last bit of sunlight the world has to offer. With Nyx’s fighting skills and Aether’s luminant glow, they set forth to face the dangers ahead together in strength and unity. We rated it, “No Appeal” – was $14.99, is now $10.04
  • Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition – An action arcade lightspear-throwing simulator. In a land filled with Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies, and Hipster Ice Giants, survival is an art. Fortunately, an ancient champion with an elegant weapon has been summoned to please the Gods and restore balance to the universe. So grab your lightspear, become a Germonaut, and survive with style. We rated it, “Reader’s Choice” – was $9.99, is now $4.99
  • My Brother Rabbit — A beautifully drawn adventure set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination. A young girl faces a terrible reality when she falls ill. The little girl and her brother use the power of imagination to escape the hostile outside world and together they envision a fantastic universe that provides the play and comfort they need. Use your wits to decipher puzzles inspired by classic point-and-click adventures. Was $14.99, is now $11.99
  • Not a Hero: Super Snazzy Edition — A cover-based side-scrolling shooter soaked in blood and politics. You play as a gang of assassins hired by mayoral candidate BunnyLord to clean up the city. Use each character’s unique abilities to take out crime and win the votes of the constituents. Was $12.99, is now $3.25
  • OlliOlli2: XL Edition — The XL Edition takes the original OlliOlli2 skateboarding game and adds in Free-Skate mode. This mode gives you the freedom to either learn the ropes or to master more advanced skills. We rated it, “Highly Recommended” – was $14.99, is now $3.75
  • ReCore– An action adventure game from the legendary creator Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime. Play as the one of the few remaining humans and go an adventure with a ragtag team of robot heroes. Was $19.99, is now $14.99
  • State of Decay 2 — This game brings multiplayer to State of Decay and full Xbox One X enhancements. Players will have to keep their survivors alive and establish a base in this open-world zombie title. Every playthrough will feel unique as the world evolved and changes based on your decisions. Was $29.99, is now $19.49
  • State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition — Includes the original State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition and two add-on content packs: Independence Pack and Daybreak Pack. Was $49.99, is now $32.49
  • Strange Brigade Season Pass — A new unique third-person action adventure game that will have you solving puzzles and seeking out rare treasures. Best of all though, the game tasks you to stop an evil witch queen and her army of mummies. We rated it, “Must Buy” – was $34.99, is now $24.49
  • Super Lucky’s Tale – Players control a cute fox in a 3D platforming world in an homage to classic platformers. Read our preview here. Was $19.99, now $14.99
  • Surviving Mars — The city-building now takes place in space: can you successfully establish a colony on Mars and keep it running? Was $29.99, is now $20.99
  • The Flame in the Flood — A wilderness survival game in which a girl and her dog travel by foot and by raft down a procedurally-generated river. Along the way you will need to find resources, craft tools, avoid attack from wildlife and more to stay alive. We rated it, “Buy It” – was $19.99, is now $8.00
  • Wenjia — A 2D platform game with puzzle-solving elements in which a forest’s longstanding tranquility is shattered by a sudden earthquake. As lava bursts forth from the ground, the mountain’s spirits find themselves surrounded by fiery death. By controlling a kitten, the player must overcome numerous obstacles in the wild to reach the burning heart of the mountain and rescue the spirits before it’s too late. Players can freely travel between two realms, each of them with different challenges and obstacles. However, both realms need to be utilized to reach the final goal. Was $14.99, is now $5.99

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