Thanks for joining us again for the weekly round-up of the Deals with Gold. Please remember that all prices listed below require an Xbox Live Gold membership. Buying a game through any link used in this post will directly support XBLA Fans.

  • Battleship — The classic board game is available to play in both online and local multiplayer. Was $14.99, is now $6.00
  • Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers — Play as a host of characters from Cartoon Network’s hit shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time and Regular Show in Cartoon Networks: Battle Crashers. Fight against creatures controlled by the evil shard and return the world to order. Each character has unique attributes for fights so there’s a character for everyone. Players can also play through the game alone or with up to three friends, exactly how cartoons were meant to be enjoyed. Was $19.99, is now $5.00
  • Child of Light — A coming of age story inspired by fairy tales, this platforming role-playing game tells the story of Aurora who has been identified as a Child of Light. She must use her powers to defeat the Queen of the Night. We rated it “Buy It” – was $14.99, is now $4.50
  • Fortified — A tower of defense/shooter mashup where you play as one of four characters trying to protect their city from a robot invasion. We rated it, “Try It” – was $14.99, is now $4.95
  • Mulaka — A 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. From solving puzzles in environments inspired by real Sierra Tarahumara locations, to heated hand-to-hand combat with creatures pulled from the region’s mythology, find out why the Tarahumara have earned a reputation for being superhumans. We rated it, “Limited Appeal” – was $19.99, is now $14.99
  • Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator — Players can battle their way through numerous unique situations and verbally assault their console in the Loner’s Insult Tournament Mode. Or, you can put your friends under fire in Real-Life Friends Mode (offline PvP) and Imaginary-Friends Mode (online PvP). Was $2.99, is now $2.00
  • The Station — A first-person sci-fi mystery set on a space station sent to study a sentient alien civilization. Assuming the role of a recon specialist, players must unravel a mystery which will decide the fate of two civilizations. We rated it “Reader’s Choice” – was $14.99, is now $9.74

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