On this Wednesday, a further two Xbox One games will be debuting on the digital storefront. Before getting into them, take a look at the round-up of yesterday’s new releases here. And with that, let’s dive into the two new games.

The Mooseman

From Sometimes You, The Mooseman is the first of the new releases today. The game draws from Finno-Ugric mythology as you explore the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds to find artifacts and solve the mysteries within. The Mooseman is available now for $6.99.

The Long Reach

Coming to Xbox One from Merge Games, The Long Reach is an adventure game filled with puzzles, set in a fictional town in New Hampshire. It uses as a selling point that it’s not set in a post-apocalyptic or fantasy world; this is the present-day, everyday. The Long Reach is available now for $14.99, with a one-day launch window discount reducing it to $12.74.