Today the Xbox One saw the release of two new games and one new expansion on its marketplace. Energy CycleHer Majesty’s SPIFFING and Goat Simulator: Payday are now all available for purchase.

First up is Energy Cycle, a new puzzle game from developer Sometimes You. The goal is to make all of the cells in a level the same color; this is done by clicking on a cell which causes it to change color and the colors of adjacent cells. Energy Cycle sounds deceptively simple and there are plenty of opportunities for one to prove their skill with a Puzzle, Time Attack and Infinite Play game modes. Energy Cycle is available to purchase here for $2.99.

The next game to release today is Her Majesty’s SPIFFING from developer BIlly Goat Entertainment Ltd. After the British empire experienced numerous isolating political developments the Queen has decided that the elected representatives are no longer fit to serve. She dissolves Parliament and assumes autocratic rule. The Queen realized that if she wanted to rebuild and expand her empire again she would have to look to the stars to find new land. That’s where S.P.I.F.F.I.N.G. (Special Planetary Investigative Force for Inhabiting New Galaxies) comes in as players will take control of a space ship venturing far into the cosmos. As players go on they will solve a myriad of puzzles and meet new species, all in the hopes of building a great empire again. Her Majesty’s SPIFFING can be purchased here for $18.49.

Finally, the last new release to talk about is Goat Simulator: Payday the latest DLC expansion from Double Eleven Limited for Goat Simulator. The expansion is inspired by Payday and allows players to take up to four goats with them in their goat crew to complete various jobs. There are all sorts of new unlocks and a lot of masks to buy with the money earned from completing jobs. Goat Simulator: Payday can be purchased here for $4.99.