It’s the last day of the year’s shortest month, and we’ve got a bunch more Xbox One games landing on digital store shelves today. To see what games released yesterday, take a look here; or if you’re more inclined to play the classics, take a look at the new “Enhanced” backwards compatible Xbox 360 games. Today’s new releases below.

Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Edition

From Red Hook Studios, Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike, turn-based RPG “about the psychological stresses of adventuring.” Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Edition includes both the base game and its first expansion, The Crimson Court, a “parallel” campaign alongside the contents of the base game. Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Edition is avaialable now for $24.99.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Ever wanted to blend the puzzle title Bridge Constructor with Portal’s Aperture labs? They’ve now been combined in a single game: Bridge Constructor Portal. The same elements of Bridge Constructor remain (creating contraptions to bring vehicles or test subjects from one side of the screen to the other), but now combines them with familiar bits of the Portal series: the portals, various repulsion and propulsion gels, and everyone’s favourite evil AI, GLaDOS. Bridge Constructor Portal is available now for $14.99. It is also available as a bundle that includes both Bridge Constructor Portal and the original Bridge Constructor; the bundle costs $24.99, but with a launch window discount matching the base game at $14.99.

RiftStar Raiders

If you’re looking for a top-down, shoot ’em up set in space, RiftStar Raiders is aiming to have you covered. This new title from Vision Games Publishing features nine four-player, co-op missions. You can pick up RiftStar Raiders now for $19.99.

Switch – Or Die Trying

In Threye Interactive’s Switch – Or Die Trying, your player-character is the letter I, who is looking for his lost friends, the other 25 letters of the English alphabet. The game takes place across 75 levels, and its unique game mechanics include the ability to morph between the uppercase and lowercase forms of I, which will impact the world around the character. Switch – Or Die Trying is available now for $6.99.

If you’re looking for eve more games out this week, take a look at yesterday’s list of new releases. Or take a look at the latest Enhanced backwards compatible Xbox 360 games.