Full Disclosure: RedLynx now sponsors Trials Tuesday each week, allowing us to bring you even more tracks in a new cleaner format.

It’s a bit of a shorter episode this week, but we’ve got three fun tracks for all sorts of riders. First up is a simple-yet-deceptive supercross track. It runs around 1:30 and is great for casual plays. Following it is another stupidly difficult ninja track that most of us will never be able to finish. Rounding out the the courses this week is a fun under the sea adventure. It’s short enough to keep you hooked, yet has enough routes that it’ll take time to get that perfect score.

To download these tracks enter Track Central, select Get Tracks, then press X to search. Enter the gamertag in the video to find the track. Be aware that the search is case-sensitive. Our videos also assume that you own Trials Evolution (obviously) and the Origin of Pain and Riders of Doom expansion packs. If you haven’t picked them up be sure to head over to xbox.com to grab them. You won’t be disappointed.