Hastily designed at the onset of the chaos, the Light Sniper Cannon does its job.  In the initial tests, this weapon was prone to cause “gun envy.”
Unlock method: Awarded for completing the tutorial, chance to get from Beach loot.
Increased barrel length allows this improved weapon to fire a larger caliber shell.  With the increased kill capacity of this weapon the Tubes will become your own personal shooting gallery.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Airfield or Trainyard loot.
Using specially designed HEAT rounds this weapon will pierce through multiple Tubes.  Given its name when Patrick “Hack” Hackett fired through the test target, The Commander’s car, a truck containing baby carriages and a pillow factory in one shot.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Refinery or Pylon loot.
A highly expensive variation on the Medium Sniper Cannon, this fully automatic sniper is a beast.  Nicknamed after baby Frank Jr. who could vomit as fast as this gun shoots.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Oasis loot.
Outfitted with a complex system of gyroscopes and an analogue calculation device, this cannon will bounce it’s shots from one enemy to another.  It’s like a giant pinball game…of death.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Port or Sinkhole loot.
Originally designed as part of an exercise to create a weapon that could take down a Tyrannosaurus Rex, this weapon was quickly rushed into service when the invasion happened.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Sphinx loot.
The most impressive characteristic of this monster of a weapon is the fear factor. The bullet travels so fast that the target drops dead a few seconds before the sound of the shot is even heard.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Power Plant loot.
The U0-FM is the most destructive sniper cannon in existence.  Pvt. Peck was killed in the first test firing of this weapon as the bullet ricocheted around the compound for a full three minutes before striking him.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Drydock or Volcano loot.
Named after Odin’s magical spear; it always hits its mark and always kills.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Oasis, Hospital or Port loot.

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