Although capable of generating a high rate of fire, this gun is about as powerful as a wet noodle. “Guess it’s better than nothing” – Commander Woodruff
Unlock method: Awarded for completing the tutorial.
An improvement over the Light Machine Gun.  This weapon will blast ham-fisted size chunks out of a standard Monovision foe.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Beach or Airfield loot.
Loaded with special anti air ammunition, this dual barrel machine gun will tear through aerial enemies like ten hot knives through butter.  Unfortunately, they’re more like plastic knives and don’t work so well against heartier ground-based enemies.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Airfield or Trainyard loot.
The larger caliber and shorter barrel lend themselves to the nickname of this weapon.  Soldiers in the field have reported feeling ‘mildly uncomfortable’ by its girth.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Refinery or Pylon loot.
Filled with specially designed flechette rounds, this formidable weapon shaves the Scrap off of those dirty Tubes.  Though this S-1 variant does slightly less damage each bullet has a chance of generating a piece of Scrap for additional turrets and upgrades.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Pylon loot.
Less powerful than  its unmodified counterparts, the ammunition in this weapon was designed to squeeze every last bit of that sweet, sweet Scrap out of the enemy.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Port loot.
This Quad barrel weapon spews death from the ground.  The massive anti-air shells were each hand crafted by Commander Woodruff himself.  His nimble robot hands inserted over 10,000 pellets into each bullet allowing for maximum damage to anything in the air.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Sinkhole loot.
Combining Shredding and Flak ammunition, this weapon breaks all of the safety recommendations set forth by the Trench Marine Doctrine of Warfare.  Unleash a devastating storm of anti-air Scrap-generating bullets.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Power Plant or Drydock loot.
The machine gun to end all wars.  Firing bowling ball sized shells, this fearsome weapon throws a strike every time.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Volcano or Farnsworth loot.
A rare and powerful medium range, anti-air splash damage cannon.  The plans for this unique weapon were torn form the Gizzards of the Northern Pylon.  A few coats of paint and you’ll be ready to slap this sucker right on your trench.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Refinery or Oasis loot.
Using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques this oversized machine gun will devastate any oncoming Tubes.  Nicknamed “Hedge Trimmer” after Pvt. Natividad shaved the top off the barracks, the cafeteria, and the latrines.
Unlock method: Chance to get from Sphinx, Village or Power Plant loot.

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