The following Toy Soldiers: Cold War Guide is a culmination of the efforts of Andrew Crews, John Laster, John Drawdy, Todd Schlickbernd, and Zac Lace. Special thanks goes to Signal Studios for their advice and guidance.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War was released on Xbox Live Arcade on August 17, 2011, featuring an intense mixture of tower defense and action gameplay elements. If you haven’t purchased the game yet, we highly recommend checking out our Toy Soldiers: Cold War review. Make sure to bookmark this page once you have downloaded the game for your go to source for all things related to Toy Soldiers: Cold War.


1). Did you know?

A list of random facts and trivia provided by Jason from Signal Studios.


2). General tips and tricks

A list of general tips and tricks that can be useful throughout the game. Provided by the XBLAFans staff.


3). Level guides

If any particular level is giving you trouble, we have you covered. Wavelist breakdowns and strategic tactics for each level including the bosses can be found below:

Level One –  Basic Training

Level TwoJungle Heat

Level ThreeBeached

Level FourPanic at the Wall

Level FiveMind The Gap

Level SixSurrounded!

Level SevenTrouble at the Canal

Level EightDeadly Dunes

Level Nine – Rainy City

Level Ten – Monumental Defense

Level Eleven –  Capitol Crisis


4). Golden Arcade guide

A video walkthrough for each of the 11 hidden golden arcades.


5). Achievement guide

A walkthrough for each of the 20 achievements showing exactly how to earn 200 Gamerscore.


6). Mini-game guide

Tips and tricks for scoring high in each of the six mini-games.


7). Vehicle guide

Tips and advice on how to make the most of each level’s controllable vehicles.


8). Weapons guide

A complete breakdown of each emplacement and how to effectively use each one.

Makeshift guide

Anti-Aircraft guide

Machine Gun guide

Mortar guide

Artillery guide

Anti-Tank guide

Barrage guide