Runic Games has just announced that their PC powerhouse dungeon crawl RPG Torchlight is joining the Xbox Live Arcade House Party lineup. The game has been completely revamped (e.g. analog sticks for moving and attacking, bumpers set for potions and triggers and buttons available for hotkeys) for the console release to ensure a high quality port. Runic Games’ twitter feed proclaims the presence of “new quests, armor sets, weapons, and a new pet” to go along with the pre-existing Torchlight experience. Nothing mentioned about a price, but with Torchlight 2 scheduled for a 2011 release as well who knows what else the company plans for their console debut.

The House Party kicks off on February 18, the makeup of which currently includes the Beyond Good and Evil HD remake, Hard Corps Uprising, PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz Live, and Full House Poker. Looks like this party’s catering to all types! When the beat drops on the dates for each release, keep an eye out for Torchlight.

Source: Joystiq