Sometimes there are games we have to let you know about even if it isn’t quite clear whether XBLA will be home to it upon eventual release. This especially includes indie darlings, such as 2010 IGF Excellence in Design and Seumas McNally Grand Prize winning, Monaco.

XBLA Fans’ PAX East discussions with Andy Schatz, Founder of Pocketwatch Games and designer of Monaco, have revealed extended plans for multiplayer in the over-head, co-op heist game that make a turn for the competitive.

To start off, Monaco is a game about teamwork and thievery à la Oceans 11. Up to four players work together cooperatively on one screen or online, each taking the role of one of four heist archetypes: The Locksmith, the Prowler, the Hacker, and the Cleaner. Each has crucial skills for snagging the cash and making it back to safety, and depending on which you bring along will affect the course of action in a scenario. An intriguing premise that would be fun on it’s own. But, you know, thieves can only be team players for so long.

Newly revealed today is how players can turn on one another in a separate mode. Thieves will be placed on a map together with the simple goal of collecting a given amount of coins and making it back to the car for a swift escape. As a match begins, coins will populate the map and players will pursue either the gold or turn their opponents into prey. Coins can be dropped by a character when hit with a projectile. It keeps the art of getting in and out a matter of smarts and stealth. Multiple players going after the same coin can result in utter chaos, unlikely alliances and memorable standoffs.

The mode can be played split screen or online like its co-op counterpart, but online is suggested due to the issue of pesky screen-lookers. Keep the honor among thieves, people.

Monaco is not yet slated for any platforms other than PC and Mac for the time being, but the inclusion of an XBLA release is not yet being ruled out. We are sorely hoping for this award-winning game to steal our hearts and money soon.

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