Deadliest Warrior was an amazing game that was very well received by everyone, including us here at XBLA Fans as our review clearly shows. Due to this huge reception among fans of the show and gamer’s a like, we will now be seeing the follow up installment called Deadliest Warrior: Legends. Some of the characters that have already been announced are, Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hun, Shaka Zulu and William Wallace.

Previous owners of the original game will be happy to hear that there will receive exclusive weapons for having a saved file. The original combat system will be coming back virtually untouched (there are some changes), keeping the battles fierce and fast paced, usually ending in just a few well placed blows. One of the changes is adding a fake attack ability, letting you pretend to strike, in order to throw off your opponent, so you can set up a precise attack.

The biggest change to the fighting is the lack of a health gauge of any kind, thus eliminating low health death blows. These have been replaced with a grapple and attack maneuver, this new system will give you three options. Once grappled, you choose whether to attack high which is a death blow, medium resulting in an arm break or low breaking you enemies leg. Your opponent has one chance to block this major attack by picking one of the three directions to block, thus if they pick right, it will completely negate your attack.

The real surprise in this new installment is the new ‘General mode’, which is a Riskesque strategy style game. Players will fight for total control over a sectioned out board, each team starting with its own territory and expanding out through battle. Each combatant will run off of the shows ‘warrior calculator’ to decide the winner of each battle. As each territory is covered in different a terrain, the numbers for each warrior will go up or down based off of there ability to use the environment to there advantage. Through out the board there are three castles that will you warriors one of three special abilities, giving you a tactical advantage. One of the things that is unique about taking over these castles, is once you get down to just one warrior left you will be forced to face off mono a mono. These castles are not the only advantage you can gain, the more territories you own means the more troops you can send off into battle per turn, therefore giving he who owns most the upper hand numbers wise.

With new warriors, a few changes to the battle system and a whole new game mode, Deadliest Warrior: Legends is shaping up to be just as good if not better the the first one.