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Weekly deals: Xbox One sales and Deals with Gold
5 years ago

Weekly deals: Xbox One sales and Deals with Gold

Thanks for joining us again for the weekly round up of the Deals with Gold. Please remember that all prices listed below require an Xbox Live Gold membership. Buying a …
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Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones review (Xbox One)
7 years ago

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones review (Xbox One)

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones was developed by Carbon and published by Curve Digital. It was released on April 3, 2015 for $14.99. A copy was provided by Curve Digital for review purposes.


One of the most unique things about XBLA Fans is our rating system, which encourages reviewers like me to rate games based on a simple “Buy, Try or Skip” scale. Although this can occasionally make our jobs more difficult, I believe that the system means that the written content of our reviews becomes ever more important in getting the message across about how a game plays.

With this in mind, there has perhaps never been a game more deserving of our “Try It” rating than Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones. This is a game that riffs heavily on other roguelike and metroidvania games (not to mention the extremely popular Portal) but also offers its own brand of gameplay and humour across a very expansive package. Stealth Inc. 2 is likely to attract a number of diehard stealth fans, but the steep learning curve and a few minor issues might make casual gamers think twice.

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XBLA Fans Streaming Schedule for 3/30 to 4/5

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The XBLA Fans Twitch Stream Team has grown drastically in recent months thanks to the support of our viewers. I’d love to personally encourage each of our readers to check out at least one broadcast this week. We will be updating the site on a weekly basis with a plethora of streams for you to enjoy.

In addition to our scheduled streams below we also sometimes do impromptu streams. The best way to stay informed of those is to follow XBLA Fans on Twitter and follow us on Twitch.

If there is a game you want to see streamed, please contact us.

All times are listed in EST.

Monday 3/30

  • 8:30p – 10:30p K4rn4ge – Trials Fusion New DLC!
  • Possible Neverwinter Online Early Access stream sometime tonight!

Tuesday 3/31

  • 10p – 2p Zero Jehuty – Neverwinter Online
  • 2p – 5p Snapple Cap – Neverwinter Online
  • 5p – 8p K4rn4ge – Geometry Wars 3 New Update and/or Trials Fusion New DLC!
  • 8p – 11p Cain141 – RBI Baseball ’15

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