Watch live video from xblafans on TwitchTV

UPDATE: And the video is all saved and ready to be viewed! Hoped you enjoyed the stream for those of you that made it.

This Sunday night Microsoft Studios has given us leave to stream Spelunky! Believe that though this will be the first time Spelunky for XBLA is streamed, it will not be our last. Get your adventurer hats and whips and jetpacks ready for the stream happening at 10PM EST/7PM PST on our Twitch.TV Channel. Watch our Guide Coordinator die his way through the perils of Spelunky because… well why would you not?

Spelunky is a combination of platformer and roguelike, arguably the only of its kind, which goads adventuers to play the game over and over until they die of deep vein thrombosis. Descend through multiple levels of this mysterious cave, weaving your way from a mine to an incredibly dangerous Mayan temple. On the way down the adventurer can acquire all manner of loot either by paying for it with money he collects, finding it or stealing it from shotgun-wielding shopkeepers. If (read: when) you die, you go all the way back to the start and the entire level is re-randomized. Spelunky is a very tense game that has something new to find every single time you play. Usually a new way to die. It’s a ton of fun since usually a run will last anywhere from 5-20 minutes before you either win or die.

Spelunky will release on Wednesday, July 4 for 1200 points.

When: Sunday July 1 from 10PM-11:59PM (EST)

Where: XBLA Fans on Twitch.TV

What: Streaming Spelunky and having all kinds of fun!