Spelunky debuted in 2008 with pixels aplenty promising prominently prospecting-prioritized gameplay for the PC. Well now it’s coming to XBLA and bringing it’s intuitive cavern adventure awesomeness with it. Spelunky features tons of interactivity between the environment and the player, lots of tools and options for the player to use to solve their action-puzzle problems. It’s been three years since the PC debut and a lot has changed, namely a very noticeable, polished graphical overhaul. The campy pixelated graphics kept their forms but took on a whole new level of clarity and style reminiscent of something like Yoshi’s Story. Noteworthy gameplay additions to the PC version include four player multiplayer, details on which haven’t been escavated yet, but soon we’ll have some reinforced artifacts of geological goodness. In the mean time, check out the trailer above and stay tuned for more info on this action puzzle cave-crawler. Here’s some details from the main site:

  • Randomized levels mean that each adventure is unique
  • High-resolution, hand-painted graphics
  • Multiplayer madness with up to 4 players (offline co-op and deathmatch)
  • Achievements and leaderboards, natch
  • Brand new soundtrack by Phlogiston! (Listen to a sample here.)
  • More of everything we loved about the original

Looks great so far. Some retro, some this gen, plenty of awesome.