Talking behind closed doors at E3 2012 with Game Informer, Microsoft let slip that Homerun Stars is a thing. The previously unannounced title will have Kinect and SmartGlass functionality built into it. Also, as the title implies, it is a baseball game. No developer was mentioned in connection with the Arcade title that is set to release at some point during the coming holiday season.

Games Beat was later able to pry a few more details loose about Homerun Stars‘ SmartGlass elements. In the example given, one player picks up a traditional Xbox 360 controller and uses it to try to go yard. Meanwhile, a second player channels his inner Cole Hamels and goes for the kill on a tablet device while playing as the pitcher. The roles can also be reversed, says Microsoft.

“I think the most exciting thing about SmartGlass is that developers can use this extra screen to offer extra buttons and input options to players that the regular controller doesn’t have,” Robert Bowling, president of Robotoki and former creative strategist at Infinity Ward, said of SmartGlass’ potential to change how games like Homerun Stars are played. Officially announced yesterday, the Xbox app for mobile devices is quickly building a nice stable of games that will operate with it in some way, such as this November’s Halo 4.

Kinect presents yet another control option, although no mention has been made as to precisely how the motion sensor fits into the equation. Presumably, however, it will present an alternative to pitching and/or batting with a controller or tablet.

Sources: Game Informer, Games Beat and Xbox Kinect Fans