In more news from Cologne, Germany, where the annual Gamescom event is happening, Xbox announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG, will be leaving the Xbox Game Preview programme as it hits the magical 1.0 version number, a full product release.

The update is set for September 4th, after which time the game on Xbox will continue receiving updates, just as it has through its time in Game Preview.

PUBG first launched in Game Preview on Xbox One on December 12th, 2017. On PC, the game left Steam’s early access and received its 1.0 update on December 21st, 2017.

As the September 4th update marks PUBG’s transition to a full product release, the update will also coincide with the game being sold digitally and on disc at retail. The boxed retail version will include codes for in-game, cosmetic DLC, whilst those purchasing the game digitally, or those who own the game already, can download this DLC from the game’s lobby screen “for a limited time” after release.


In time for the 1.0 update will be some significant changes and additions, including:

  • Sanhok. The smaller, 4×4 map will be coming to Xbox where the area is smaller and the games are quicker. The addition of Sanhok will also bring new weapons and vehicles.
  • Dynamic weather. This is currently in testing on the “PTS” client (Public Test Server) for PUBG on Xbox One, and is slated for arrival in 1.0. Weather effects include rain and fog.
  • War Mode. It’s a “deathmatch-style battle royale” mode. You aim to kill other players in a static zone. If you die, you’re parachuted back in with gear and weapons. Points are awarded for kills and the first team to reach a points threshold wins the game.
  • Achievements! Achievements are coming to PUBG in time for its 1.0 update and formal release. Whilst the list remains unknown, it sounds like progress towards the achievements will carry over from Game Preview to the full release.

If you’re looking for more PUBG news from Gamescom, there’s also a new limited edition PUBG controller.