During the Inside Xbox show today, August 21st, at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Xbox announced a new limited edition controller, plus expanded the customisation options available with their Design Lab series.

PUBG: Limited Edition

The limited edition controller is based on Xbox console exclusive PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The controller body features a black camouflage design with crosshairs centred on the right-stick and the “blue zone” encroaching on the left-stick; both, of course, are design elements from the game. In a first for a first-party controller from Xbox, the controller has trigger grips. Additionally, in-game cosmetic DLC is bundled with the controller.

The controller will ship on October 30, 2018 for $69.99 with pre-orders due to start shortly, if not already, from the Microsoft Store and other retailers.

Design Lab Gets Additional Options

The new PUBG controller was not the only news from the Inside Xbox show. Design Lab, Microsoft’s service where players can customise Xbox controller designs, is being expanded today. With Design Lab, players can choose colours for the main body, underside, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks and d-pad, as well as apply metallic finishes to certain parts, rubber grips on the controller’s underside and add a custom engraving.

Today’s new options are “camo” and “shadow” colour finishes which apply to the main topside part of the controller casing. There are five colour variants for each, with a time-limited silver shadow option available only until September 30th.

Xbox Design Lab pricing starts at $69.99. See the new colour variants in the video below.