Cherry Pop Games recently contacted us about our 12 Days of XBLA promotion and we were more than happy to add a few Pool Nation codes to our list of prizes. Along with a few other great XBLA games, Pool Nation will be added to the 12th Day contest which is turning out to be a bit of a mini Grand Prize. As of right now, the final day of the 12 Days of XBLA promotion stands at a $45 prize. And the Grand Prize is now sitting at a $200 value. This also means that you better be on your toes on Twitter because there will be 3 extra retweet contests in the next few days along with our regularly scheduled contests. So that’s pretty sweet.

To celebrate the occasion, a few of the Cherry Pop employees decided to jump inside a few pool ball costumes and run through the streets to help create awareness and some random fun. Go ahead and give them a follow (@CherryPopGames) on Twitter and tell them thanks for joining the party! While you’re there, let @skastudios and @Grasshopper_EN know that you appreciate them as well. Oh snap! Was that a hint of things to come? :)