The Behemoth’s Production Coordinator Ian Moreno told Xbox Wire that their newest game, Pit People, will be getting a closed beta this summer.

Pit People, the fourth game from the quirky indie studio, is a turn-based strategy game that tells “the story of four tragically unique characters who come together in a quest through an apocalyptic wasteland.“

XBLA Fans got a chance to take Pit People for a spin during last year’s PAX East. We took control of the blueberry farmer named Horatio and raged a battle against a band of “Child Eaters” that were after his child. After failing to save the child to a homicidal bear, we began our quest for revenge and encountered along the way various enemies including trolls, robots and evil cupcakes.

Pit People can be played in single player, two player co-op and PvP arena mode, both locally or online. No official release date has been announced yet, but keep an eye out for more details regarding the closed beta.

Source: Xbox Wire