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Battleblock Theater is known for making its numerous prisoners perform deadly plays, but no prisoner’s tale is more tragic than that of Prisoner #10321, a fancy chap whose final moments were found in a trailer on The Behemoth’s development blog. Forced into a co-op level by evil cats, the prisoner soon learns that working together is easy – until your partner stabs you in the back. On the bright side respawning is quick and painless, so little harm is done if you mess up/grief your friends. The level presented contains a lot of variety, giving a little taste of what players should expect in the full game.

While a level walkthrough is cool, the real treat is the big reveal at the end of the trailer: Battleblock Theater is coming this spring. It’s going to come loaded with a campaign playable in single player and co-op, multiple multiplayer arena modes, a level editor, and loads of other awesome features, not to mention the amazing art by Dan Paladin, who we interviewed back in September. If you want to get a taste of the game before it releases, be sure to sign up for the closed beta which begins February 28.

Source: The Behemoth Development Blog