FarSight Studios has a lot of new information about their flagship program Pinball Arcade. Two new tables have been announced: Monster Bash and Gorgar. These classic tables will be an excellent addition to their growing library. There is a fair amount of new content already on the way that should have arrived already. It turns out that a 4mb size limit for XBLA title updates has caused FarSight to have to repackage the tables and then re-submit  them for certification. It is unknown how long it will take for these tables to go through the certification process again. Finally, there is some very good news for FarSight Studios and the fans. The Kickstarter to raise funds for the Twilight Zone table was a success. They have raised well over their initial $55,000 goal. Now they have added a stretch goal of $110,000 to fund the Star Trek table. There is still a few days left so we will see if they succeed.

Source: Facebook – The Pinball Arcade