Penny ArcadeNormally, this comes by way of delays; games blowing their deadlines and being pushed back. For once, however, gamers can rejoice, as an anticipated title will hit sooner than anticipated.

Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Three now releases June 25 on XBLIG, PC and Mac, over two weeks earlier than its originally announced July 10 release date. As Penny Arcade’s Tycho put it in a post today, “We’re committed to releasing it ‘When It’s Done’ as they say, and it is done, so waiting until July seems dumb.”

The game will hit just under four years since Episode Two released in October 2008. The series was set to be released across four chapters by developer Hothead Games, until that developer announced it would instead focus its efforts on DeathSpank. All seemed lost for the series, until Zeboyd Games announced last year it would develop the third episode.