New trap

Boom Barrel – Blows up after taking damage, doing massive damage in a radius around it.


Orc Warriors
Crossbow Orc

General survival skills

  • Putting wall arrows directly across from each other will shred the front line every time
  • Spiked traps should be used once again to both slow and damage your enemies as they walk
  • Use the secondary fire on archers often to limit there shooting
  • If feeling over whelmed, toss barrel in center of action and destroy, will help thin things out

Five skull guide

This one is easy going back to it by just taking advantage of the ceilings and using ceiling traps, but if trying to five-skull on the first run, be sure to go player-kill heavy at first, using Boom Barrels in the back as insurance.


  1. Orc
  2. Archers, Orcs, Archers
  3. Orc
  4. Go Break

  5. Archers & Orcs
  6. Archers & Orcs, Archers

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