New weapon

Wind Belt – Main attack pushes a group of enemies back up and over short railings or even blockades placed by the player. Alternate attack grabs an enemy whom can then be carried and tosses at leisure.


Orc Warriors
Crossbow Orc

General survival skills

  • Arrows walls, spike and the wind belt will reduce the difficulty greatly
  • Place several rows of tar outside of the spawn to slow orcs down immediately
  • Stand against wall to one side of door using wind belt as enemies walk out
  • The sword will make quick work of any enemies who get close
  • Use the crossbow to pick off any enemies who don’t fall off after wind push
  • Use arrow walls on the side you push too, so you have help finishing off the ones who didn’t fall off

Five skull guide

If the wind belt tactic didn’t work the first time, this is another one that’s super easy upon return. Use the small choke point before the paths split. Employ ceiling, wall and floor traps of pretty much any sort (that does damage) and this should be super easy.

Wave Breakdown

  1. Orcs
  2. Archers
  3. Orcs & Archers
  4. Go Break

  5. Orcs
  6. Archers
  7. Orcs & Archers

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