New weapon

Paladin Guardian – This guardian will fight small groups of orcs or even take on ogres for you, and can be upgraded to be given stunning attacks.


Orc Warriors
Crossbow Orcs
Kobold Sappers
Fire Ogres
Fire Babies

General Survival Skills

  • To make long-term use out of Push traps, use the Steel Weaver
  • Watch out for orcs landing on the middle platform, they’ll be stuck there and if there are archers there, they’ll probably kill them all
  • The log traps can only be used once, don’t waste them
  • Wall traps are the way to go here, make sure to have the ones you pick upgraded
  • Don’t let the ogres get all the way to the top without having ice amulet for defense

Five Skull Guide

First round is pretty simple, no matter what the desired strategy is here block off one of the routes, doesn’t matter which one, it’s all symmetrical. Sappers are going to be a real problem here though, so on the second wave be ready for them to rush at any blockades that have been placed in the map, or guardians if they’re closer. Utilizing wall traps, spike, brimstone and tar traps will be the key to mowing down the majority of the enemies on the ground on this map. Be sure to bring wall traps (grinder or wall blades) to deal massive damage, and archer guardians to watch the skies for the plethora of flying enemies that will come through. Bring the ice amulet to stop the Fire Ogres and the Hellbats. During the first Go Break put all the funds into getting guardian regeneration and fire arrows (Steel Weaver).

The second round is incredibly easy and should be spent beefing up the archer guardian force and lengthening coverage in the hallway of death. That’s about it. For the rest of the game watch for the sapper rounds and remember to defend the hallway with the blockades in it first (make a backup set if necessary). Other than that, make more archers and more hallway death traps (wall blades might actually be better here due to the amount of ogres) and this one should be easy. Also don’t die.


  1. (A&B) Orrrrcs!
  2. (A&B) 3x Kobold Sappers, Shield Orcs
  3. (A&B) 1x Ogre & Crossbow Orcs, Orcs
  4. Go Break

  5. (C&D) Hellbats & Fire Babies (x2)
  6. (C) Hellbats (B) Shield Orcs
  7. (A) Shield Orcs, (D) HellbatsGo Break
  8. (A&B) Crossbow Orcs, 5x Kobold Sappers
  9. (A) 1x Fire Ogre, Orcs (C) Hellbats
  10. (B) 1x Fire Ogre, Orcs (D) HellbatsGo Break
  11. (A&B) Shield Orcs, 1x Ogre
  12. (A&B) 4x Kobold Sappers, 1x Fire Ogre & Crossbow Orcs, (C&D) Fire Babies
  13. (A&B) Shield Orcs, 1x Fire Ogre, 1x Ogre (C&D) Hellbats

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