New weapon

Archer Guardian – When placed can be faced in any direction, but ultimately the Archer Guardian will turn to shoot anything within range. Careful, they have health and when dead will take up space until the next Go Break.


Kobold Runner
Orc Warrior
Crossbow Orc

General survival skills

  • Setup for the furthest entrance first, then retreat to the second door and use a chokepoint there
  • Placing guardians on the overpass will thin the orcs
  • Stay focused on the corner
  • Handle all Kobolds as they break past the pact
  • Tar traps will help archers greatly
  • Be careful relying too much on spike or arrow walls as they will be tripped prematurely by kobolds

Five skull guide

Again, if coming back to do this level a second time after beating the game, use the ceilings to great advantage. That means following the first tip and setting up right up front at the first choke point, then retreating back to the second door.


  1. [A] Kobolds, Orcs
  2. [A] Archers, Orcs
  3. [B] Orcs, KoboldsGo Break
  4. [A] Orcs, Kobolds, Orcs[B] Archers, Orcs, Orcs
  5. [A] Kobolds, Archers & Orcs, Archers
  6. [B] Kobolds, Orcs, Archers [A] Orcs, Orcs, Kobolds

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