No Man’s Sky has had quite a few updates since it’s initial release back in July. The game has now been out a little over a month and development and improvements for the game aren’t stopping. Developer Hello Games announced today via a development update just what’s in store for the game in regards to future content. The update also details various bug fixes and changes made in patch 1.58 which is available now. Here is a look at some new content available today and more coming in the later weeks.

Community Event

Beginning today, Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada will contact players who’ve completed the first anomaly quest to take part in the very first community event. The pair is looking for various players to come together to explore and document various galaxies. The first chapter will lead players to a corner of the galaxy where objects can be found spawning underground. Players will be required to excavate the objects and return them to the space anomaly. Doing so will reward them with Quicksilver which can then be used at a shop run by a robot built by polo, for various collectibles that are exotic in rarity.

Presently, the robot vendor has an array of different content available including different building parts, various decals, one new emote, and one new item for character customization. Though, the inventory will increase vastly over the coming weeks with additional items based around the categories already listed, along with exocrafts and more. Players can expect more than 50 items to be added.

The Galactic Atlas

Last month, Hello Games launched a new site called the Galactic Atlas. This site’s main purpose was to map out the galaxy of No Man’s Sky as designated by players through a survey in which the developer created. Based on feedback, the site is now growing in both size and functionality. A few of the more interesting additions include regional hubs that were submitted by players which include portal addresses for those wishing to visit, an indicator of where the very first community research mission is located, and names of the current leaders in each hub. All this and more can be found at the Galactic Atlus Main site.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • User permissions for multiplayer have been added. These options can be changed to allow anyone, friends, or no-one certain permissions in a multiplayer lobby. Options such as damaging players, editing bases, and even visibility can all be customized.
  • Player starship trail visuals have been vastly improved from what they were previously.
  • Planetary NPCs now offer archaeology missions.
  • Players who may have been unable to save due to a very large save file size will now be able to.
  • Many issues that may have prevented a save game from loading have been fixed.
  • The pick-up and drop system based around inventory management has been improved greatly.
  • A number of issues that based around the refiner have been fixed.
  • Performance when leaving planets has been improved.
  • An issue that was preventing players from going through black holes has been fixed.
  • Players who found themselves getting stuck on the other side of a portal after warping will find the issue has been fixed.
  • An issue that caused an asinine amount of sentinel drones to spawn has been fixed.
  • Incorrect information displayed when viewing players ships or sentinel drones through the analysis visor have both been fixed.
  • Player’s ships will no longer spawn on the same landing pad in multiplayer.
  • freighter battles will now be more in sync in multiplayer.
  • The bug that was not allowing players to land on another player’s freighter in multiplayer has been fixed.

The entirety of the patch notes can be found here.

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