We are officially two weeks past the launch of No Man’s Sky and the NEXT update on Xbox One, and already we’ve seen two large patches released for the game. The previous patch addressed a vital issue with saves corrupting, which had to do with players partially repairing parts of their ship and then saving and quitting. The newest patch sets out to fix a lot of other issues that were more noticeable by just playing the game. A lot of the fixes in this patch are minor, such as fixing missions not operating as they should, but there are some other fixes that work more towards the quality of life of the game. Here are the more major changes from patch 1.55. We mentioned bugs being a substantial issue with No Man’s Sky in our review, so it is great to see the team updating the game consistently.

First and foremost, the strange bug that allowed players to shoot their own hitbox while in a ship in multiplayer has been resolved.

The efficient launch thruster upgrade that allowed for -20% of fuel cost for launching has been added to she starship trader in the space station, after not originally being available due to a bug.

Some refiner recipes have been corrected, while the number of recipes has been expanded.

Players will no longer receive nanites in buried technology modules on planets. This means that any time you search a buried technology module you’re guaranteed salvaged technology which can be redeemed at blueprint analyzers for base parts.

Launch fuel has been reworked. The overall cost for launch fuel has been increased, but it will now only take one canister to refill the thrusters to 100%.

The amount of time it takes to scan various flora (plants) and fauna (animals) has been reduced; this will be extremely helpful when scanning those annoying birds or fish on certain planets.

Since the release of the NEXT update, plants were growing in real-world time as opposed to in-game time, which allowed plants to continue growing even while players were not playing the game. For that, times and prices of farming have been adjusted.

The space anomaly icon is now placed on the entrance of the station as opposed to in the middle, which can make for finding the opening to the station easier.

The infamous egg farming method has received a nerf, in the form of the total number of eggs that are now around abandoned buildings being decreased. It’ll be interesting to see just how many will be present now, as opposed to before with the 30 – 40 eggs that when harvested for their sweet larvae core could be sold at a galaxy trade terminal for 95,000 units each. (3 – 4 million units for each farm).

The frequency of storms has been reduced in some situations. Some planets storms were so frequent that another storm would start up almost immediately after one just ended making traveling across the surface of a planet quite difficult.

The auto-aim on larger creatures has been fixed. The original issue would cause shots to seemingly vanish despite the player’s crosshair being directly on the creature.

Changing to the first or third person perspective while on a ladder will no longer break the animation.

Issues regarding reloading or firing the multi-tool during certain circumstances have been fixed. The original issue was such a problem; players would originally be required to switch weapons to correct the issue.

A bug that allowed multi-tool lasers to bend in the wrong direction was fixed. This is similar to the bug that allowed players to shoot their own hitbox in a ship. The multi-tool would be pointed in the direction of the player. Trying to shoot a sentinel or a creature would result in the player being shot.

As always with a patch of this size, there are also quite a few fixes to memory leaks and other inconsistencies that would cause crashes in the game. The controls menu has also been updated to better reflect the different functions available for each button and stick. This was one of the more minor complaints with our review of the game. It’ll be interesting to see how well the game performs with some of the recent updates. The change in launch fuel is one of the biggest, considering it now allows pilots to craft launch fuel easier but use one canister at a time for each refill. Only time will tell what new farming methods for currency come about, now that the whispering eggs which offered 3 – 4 million units per farm have been reduced. Stay tuned to the site for more news or updates regarding No Man’s Sky. Until then, get back out there and continue exploring the endlessness of space.