Very interestingly, No Man’s Sky isn’t even a week old, but the game has already received a patch that fixes a game-breaking save issue bug among many other things. What led up to the possibility of saves corrupting occurred when players would save after partially repairing something. The patch notes state, “Items of technology would then be unable to load that savegame.” If players have not resaved the game after the glitch had occurred, then the progress they made has not been lost and can be recovered.

Many of the other bug fixes revolve around fixing crashes caused by such aspects as memory corruption, when fleet expeditions end without their capital ship present, and even when saving on a freighter among other things. There is a large number of standard issues fixed in the patch. Warping in multiplayer will no longer occasionally cause the player to warp into a planet instead of into space.  Issues coming from the tutorial mission have also been fixed. The patch comes in at a whopping 4 gigabytes and is available now on Xbox One. Complete patch notes can be viewed here.