Update: At some point after this story was published, Illfonic’s Nexuiz was re-listed on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Thanks to reader SteVic82 for bringing this to our attention. Original story below.

  • Skype announced back in November that they were merging with Microsoft’s Messenger allowing users to sign into Skype using a Microsoft account. However, a recent tweet from @Skype advises Messenger users to upgrade by April 8 if they want to continue chatting with their contacts.
  • Illfonic’s arena shooter Nexuiz has now been delisted following its publisher, THQ Partners, filing for bankruptcy. In recent email correspondence with Polygon, Illfonic co-founder Charles Brungardt wrote, Our deal with THQ was basically a licensing deal through THQ Partners, so we do have a period of time [in which] THQ has the rights to be the exclusive publisher. Now with them folding we are still trying to figure out what this means and [are] awaiting details from our contacts handling the transitions at THQ.” The Nexiuz news comes on the heels of XBLAFans discovering four other THQ game delistings earlier this month.
  • The Walking Dead, Deadlight, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, Fez and Trials Evolution are all up for nominations at this years BAFTAs. The ceremony will take place Tuesday, March 5 and fans can watch the event as it unfolds over at YouTube.
  • The Trials Evolution General Washington Build Off winners have now been revealed. Each winning track can be downloaded from Redlynx Picks from within the game, but for now you can check out the award winners in the video below.

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