Upper One Games is beginning a new frontier by combining Native Alaskan cultural storytelling with interactive gaming this fall with Never Alone. Never Alone follows a young girl who must find a way to end an endless winter. She is accompanied by a mysterious white fox that somehow helps her solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Details are scarce for now, but you can feel its ethereal atmosphere in the trailer above.

Never Alone is based on Iñupiat lore and is being developed in tandem with Alaskan elders and storytellers to ensure accuracy and authenticity. In addition to crafting a beautiful experience, Upper One Games is creating Never Alone to share Alaskan culture worldwide and preserve its meaning. The translated narration in the above trailer asks, “What good are old stories if the wisdom they contain is not shared?”

Plenty of modern games create deep, meaningful experiences, but this is the first time a game has been officially used to preserve and promote Native Alaskan cultural history.

Source: Upper One Games