Yet more information on the games primed for release in this year’s XBLA House Party event has escaped from CES 2012, as well as additional footage of upcoming Kinect party-game Happy Action Theater. Reporting from the consumer tech tradeshow, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson takes a brisk trip around the Microsoft booth, interviewing developers from the five upcoming XBLA titles and exhibiting new footage of their games. It’s well worth a watch.

It’s an Inside Xbox video, so brace yourself for fast cuts and curiously diagonal camera framing and unless you’re itching to know what Major Nelson playing Star Wars Kinect in 3D looks like, it may be worth fast-forwarding to the 1:18 mark where the XBLA stuff begins.

Can’t watch the video? Here’s a whistle-stop tour: Oskari Häkkinen, head of franchise development at Remedy, talks about weapons new to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (crossbow or a nail gun anyone?) and its “arcade action mode” Fight ’til Dawn. It sounds a touch like a survival horror riff on the currently in vogue horde mode. A Nexiuz dev flaunts the first person shooter’s dynamic mutator feature that shakes up stock fps rules with things like super weapons and jetpacks, while EA man Evan Dexter talks about Warps’ warping ways in stealth-action puzzler Warp. Finally, Ubisoft Creative Director Stan Mettra gives the lowdown on adventure survival title I Am Alive, which looks to be borrowing a thing or two from Cormac McCarthy’s apocalyptic novel The Road about a man and his son surviving in a harrowing vision of post-apocalyptic America. Some heady inspiration there.

House Party is set to get underway February 15 with Happy Action Theater also touted for a February release.