Monolith Productions, the team behind the recent Gotham City Impostors is looking to the MOBA genre for their next title. They also have a huge license behind them for it with Lord of the Rings franchise and will also feature tie-ins to upcoming film adaptation of The Hobbit. Put them together and you got Guardians of Middle-earth. It’ll feature 20 iconic characters from Gollum to Gandalf in 5-on-5 PVP battles with a robust online system. Players will be able to communicate through chat and leaderboard systems. Each character will have different abilities and you’ll be able to obtain items and buffs between matches. Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President of Production And Development at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment said this about putting LOTR characters in a MOBA game:

“The heroes and villains of Middle-earth are crafted in a way that perfectly intersects with MOBA game features, allowing the development team to create guardians with deep skills and abilities for gamers to master.”

We don’t have any more information beyond the logo and the website but the game will be shown at E3 next week and XBLA Fans will be there.