Microsoft’s indie initiative for the Xbox One, ID@Xbox, has just received another boost to its feature set. On top of the news that ALL developers, including those in the ID@Xbox program, will receive cloud support for their games for free, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One Unity add-on and Xbox One Unity Pro licenses will be available to ID@Xbox developers free of charge.

Unity is described as a game development ecosystem, essentially a tool that helps streamline the game development process for smaller developers. Unity Pro normally costs $75/month and improves on the base software with elements such as better graphics and lighting tools as well as improved animation systems.

Given that post-launch every retail Xbox One can potentially be used as a dev kit, along with all the free features Microsoft is offering, it looks as though the ID@Xbox initiative is attempting to keep developments costs for indies low in the hopes that it will increase the production of new and interesting titles for the Xbox One.

Source: Major Nelson